Shanren sponsored the HNB Cup 10th Tour of Hainan 2015

On the October 19th ,The remarkable and exciting HNB Cup of 10th Tour of Hainan 2015 hold its opening ceremony. After ten years' successful experience , this cycling event has been the top ones in Asia, which reaches to the 2.HC level in profession.
Shanren is honored to present ourselves in this great event ,and sponsored with our latest inventive product --the world's first bicycle computer with integrated headlight , which is named Raptor.
Angel Huang (Founder and CEO of Shanren) also made a statement and participated the argument in China (Hainan) International Cyclying Sports Investment Forum 2015.

Shanren engages ourselves in the intelligent cycling quipments territory, and we are developing more and more related products to bring the cycling sports closer to life, supporting cyclists to enjoy the cycling fun with safety.