Manufacture scenes-craftsman's spirit

Manufacturing a high quality product requires us to truly understand it better than anyone else.This is funneled into the next product, continually deepening and expanding our knowledge.

We hold our manufacturing and services partners and material suppliers to high quality standards and technical and quality system audits are performed as part of supplier management process.In addition, key suppliers are evaluated on their ability to provide.

We continue to work with local partners to create a comprehensive local supply chain
Engineering understands how the parts will be tooled and the product assembled, they can significantly reduce labor costs with a smart design.PCBs are fabricated here and can be controlled effectively.
Clean and structured environment is a pre-requisite for quality management.We are trying to avoid loss of quality control-unauthorized material substitutions, inconsistent assembly.
(We design test stand ourselves) we make sure each module passes the test. Domestic manufacturing creates a small footprint and is more efficient with our resources.

Shanren quality management incorporates processes and systems to enable product, support and manufacturing organizations.

That is because you will choose us!