I am the bicycle computer
Keep track of every detail of your ride

Basic ride data + Calorie consumption
Be faster,be efficient
I am the bicycle light
Empower yourself to find the adventure
This is life

Raptor , the global first 2.4G digital wireless bicycle computer & light in one , combines all basic ride dates (speed, distance, time) and calorie comsumption information , built-in smart lighting system with power management module , output (3~6 hours). Easy snap-in mount and micro-USB rechargeable , safer and more efficent. For all functions just 120g.

It is designed by nature , validation of usability and creativeness of the model using biological simulate technology . Modeled the center of the retina , the two LED offer outstanding night-vision.

The relation between shape and speed is investigated , to highlight the personality of itself, advocate the extension of natural evolution , and without limits
To accept the invitation of each morning , touch the spirituality of the fantastic nature , choose your favorite route

It is the bicycle computer , keep track of every detail of your ride , with basic ride data and calorie comsumption , to be faster and more efficient.
It is the bicycle light , the optical design generates a smooth and optimized beam with generous peripheral light for night riding. Get over yourself and go for a ride , make your life more flexible and simpler , just ride your way.

Light source:Cree white LED*2
•Light output: 300lm
•Work mode: High - Low - Off
•Running time: 3 / 6 Hours
•Recharge time: about 4 Hours
•2600mAh 3.7V Lithium Battery

•The micro USB can connect power bank,extend working hours. •LCD display with back light

•Current speed: 0.00~99.99 km/h [mph] •Average speed: 0.00~99.99 km/h [mph] •Maximum speed: 0.00~99.99 km/h [mph] •Trip distance: 0.00~999.99 km [mile] •Total distance: 0~99999 km [mile] •Clock: 00:00~23:59

•Trip riding time: 00:00'~9999:59' •Total riding time: 0~999999 Hours •Calorie consumption: 0~999999 cal •Bike computer with 2.4G wireless •With auto power saving

•Tire size: 100mm~3999mm (default 2096mm) •Sensor battery: CR2023 x 1
•Sensor size: 36*34*13mm
•Product material: ABS
•Product size approx :109*59*40mm •Waterproof
•Easy installation and firm fixation


1. Main Unit(Raptor)
2. Bracket
3. USB Wire
4. Speed Sensor
5. Magnet
6. Sensor Rubber Ring 7. Bracket Rubber Ring