Rover SR-BL30

Highest luminous efficacy
Military surface oxidation
Long durable time
Keep you safe at night

•For night riding the optical design generates a smooth, optimized beam with generous peripheral light.

•The aluminum alloy bracket keeps stable after installation, and its direction is adjustable.

•Our intelligent control system is very durable and reliable. It comes with a low-battery indicator. When it reaches the last 30 minutes of its capacity, the light automatically starts flashing to indicate that it has entered low-battery mode. If preferred, the gradual dimming of the light can be overridden to retain full brightness by holding in the flashing button for longer than 1 second.
(Since this increases the security risk involved in riding in darkness, it is not recommended.)

•A high-energy 10400mAh power bank is included, and besides supplying to the bicycle light, it can also charge other electronic equipment (e.g. a mobile phone, a tablet, etc.). The battery status lights light up when shaken.

Light source:CREE MK-R High Intensity natural white LED*1
Light output:1000lm
Rated power: 8W
Operation mode:Bright/Normal/Flash
Run time:5hrs/10hrs/20hrs
Power bank:Li-ion rechargeable battery (10400mAh), IN-OUT DC 8.4V,1.5A, USB2.0 5V,2.1A
Recharge time:About 5hrs
Cycle times:About 300 times (70% of rated capacity)
Working temperature: -20°C-40°C Waterproof:Ip65